Close tho the Gotthard pass a treasure was discovered in 2008 which had been growing for millions of years. The giant crystals are unsurpassed in size, transparency and brilliance

Long before the military strategiest, famous poets, painters and explorers discovered the Gotthard. Numerous quotations of reowned travellers document the myth of the Gotthard.

Located deep in the thunnels and caverns of the former Gotthard fortress is the exhibition which shows the special magic of the mountain crystal and it's manufacturing into valuable jewellery.

The exhibition gives an impression how the population of the canton Ticino came to terms with changing living conditions. Contemporary witnesses give account.

The installation pursues the question what you are willing to offer to reach your goals. Spectators are carrie intoa world of amazing images and hearing experiences.

The historical energy plant gives an insight in the contingency plans in case of a total blackout in the fortress or in the entire country.

coming soon - as from 2019 we shall present the dramatic history of the cold war (1945-1989) from a Swiss viewpoint. You will see behind the curtains of the once secret resistance organisation P-26.

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Rock crystals are far older than humanity. Created with the folding of the Alps 14 to 18 million years ago by temperatures between 330 and 450 degrees Celsius, the looks of a crystal depends of various factors. Besides the temperature already mentioned also rock pressure has an effect. Crystallisation - the process where atoms form the typical crystalline structure - follows exact laws. The brightness, the purity and the energy of crystals have fascinated humans since prehistoric ages.

At the Planggenstock (Alp of Göschenen, close to the Gotthard pass at 2600 meters above sea level) an incomparable treasure grew during millions of years. The crystals at Sasso San Gottardo were unveiled in 2008 from a cleft 60 meters deep inside the mountain by Franz von Arx and his partner Elio Müller. Unsurpassed in dimension, perfection, transparency and brightness nothing comparable had been found in the Alps during the last 300 to 400 years. With an expansion of 3 meters to 3 meters, the biggest single crystal rises to a height of 1 meter. The complete crystal group weighs 1.5 tons.

Thanks to the goodwill of the owner, we are proud to display these crystals close to the natural finding area and make them visible to our visitors. For this purpose, we opened up our largest and most beautiful cavern.


You may visit the crystals on a single ticket "Gotthard Experience" or in combination with the “historic Fortress”.


Deep in the tunnels and caverns of the former fortress Sasso San Gottardo, a new exhibition showing the special magic of the rock crystal is in the making. During the Renaissance, dukes and popes furnished so called “magical chambers” were crystal treasures from the Swiss mountains were on display. Traditionally the magical chambers consisted of curiosities from nature and artisan craftwork.

In our magical chamber, we show old legends and the magic surrounding the creation of crystals but also newest insights about this special mineral.


In the second part of the new exhibition, we introduce a rediscovered artisan craftwork: the cutting and processing of crystals into precious jewellery.


Young Swiss talents resume this old tradition with enthusiasm. For this exhibition, the exclusive jewellery collection “Sasso San Gottardo” is being created. Necklaces and rings crafted from prime rock crystal from the canton of Uri will be on display for the first time. The exhibition deep inside the Gotthard massif, which is curated by Cristina Kaufmann, will be opening on June 24th 2018.

REDUIT - paintings you have to hear

The installation pursues the question: what are you willing to do to reach your goals? Spectators are going to be carried into a world of amazing images and hearing experiences. It centres on stories, myths and the most famous saga of Switzerland addressing the relationship between humanity and the devil.

“REDOUBT – paintings you have to hear”, xx meters in height and xx meters wide is enormous! Seven folding doors – propelled by 12 motors of various sizes – and a life-size statue tell the story. Created, painted and composed by the artist native to Zurich Tullio Zanovello while the choir of Tonhalle Zurich sing the music.

Be amazed by the 20 minutes of this exceptional composition. Something you have never seen nor heard.


A 3D-Model visualizes the extensive dimensions of the legendary Gotthard fortress. Original footage by Swiss Television, first time permitted access into the fortress during the Cold War, gives an impression of the fortress when it was still Top Secret.

Long before the military strategists, famous poets, painters and explorers discovered the Gotthard, there were numerous quotes by renowned travellers that document the myth of the Gotthard.


During World War II, regular Swiss Army troops controlled and protected the country’s borders and its transport routes from inside the Gotthard fortress. In the meantime, the population of the Canton of Ticino tried to come to terms with the consequences of the changing living conditions, especially the food shortage. The rationing of food fuelled a large black market, which was supported by contraband from Italy. Based on witnesses’ reports, the exhibition explains how the smugglers avoided the rigorous border checks and how the authorities fought a losing battle.



Energy cannot be produced; it is only transformed from one form to another. Already in the near future the growing worldwide energy thirst must be satisfied by the usage of renewable energy. Tremendous forces from within the interior of the earth and erosion formed this alpine massif. Enormous efforts and new ideas shall be necessary in order to utilise renewable energy.

The amount of energy nature offers us can be seen in the Gotthard area. The electricity produced by hydropower is mainly used by public transport (railway).

The historical energy plant gives an insight in the contingency plans of a total blackout in the fortress or in the entire country.



The light and sound installation “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” was part of the exhibition Dall‘Altra Parte of the Haus für Kunst Uri which is an art project created in connection with the opening of the new railway tunnel (NEAT) in summer 2016, which is now on display in the Sasso San Gottardo.

The roaring thunder is a recording from Göschenen where the valve releases the excessive pressure from the hydropower plant. With the speed of light and sound, we race into the mountains to discover their secrets.